Easy Trekking with Family

The itinerary, as well as the price, may change depending on the needs/age of children and weather conditions. This trail was designed to allow children to walk in nature, relax in the silence of the forest and watch some animals, such as goats, cows, birds, amphibians, geese, horses and donkeys. The entire itinerary is on a dirt road, 8 km from the town of Greve in Chianti. During the excursion the children will be invited to use their five senses to recognize trees and animals as the guides will also provide some educational material for recognition of the various species.
Note: Children must wear appropriate clothing: boots or hiking shoes, waterproof jacket and a hat.


Walkingdistance: 5 km

Ascent/descentdifference: 80 m

Meeting place: Enjoy Chianti meetingpoint, Greve in Chianti
From here we will drive (in our car, or hire car if available) to the starting point which is near Castello di Uzzano, only 10 mins away.


  1. Greve in Chianti